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By Karls Family Dentistry
June 09, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Veneers  

Not all individuals have that perfectly white and even smile for different reasons, perhaps due to poor oral hygiene, damage from an injury, or the way their teeth naturally came in. Fortunately, dentists can employ various tools to aid you in getting that flawless smile. Here at Karls Family Dentistry, our dentists, Dr. Matthew Karls and Dr. Stanley Karls, commonly utilize dental veneers in our Waunakee, WI, practice to correct or conceal teeth deficiencies and give patients the smile they deserve.

What Exactly are Dental Veneers and How Do They Work?

Veneers are customized, ultra-thin shells crafted from composite resin or porcelain. They’re specifically made to fit snugly over the front teeth, enhancing their look. They are particularly useful in beautifying the smiles of individuals with discolored, misshapen, cracked, or chipped teeth. Likewise, although their main function is cosmetic, individuals usually opt for them as a part of their smile makeover plan that involves gum disease treatment.

Composite veneers, also called direct dental veneers, are composite resin coatings that are applied in just one dental appointment. These last for up to seven years with proper maintenance and care. Porcelain veneers, or indirect dental veneers, are customized porcelain shells and require two appointments—one for fitting your teeth and the other for installing them. These are more expensive than composite resin veneers since they can last for up to 15 years or more.

Both of these veneer options offer excellent benefits. Composite dental veneers require less enamel removal, can be completed in just one appointment, and are more affordable than its porcelain counterpart. Porcelain veneers are significantly more durable than composite resin veneers, don’t stain easily due to their natural stain-resistant properties, and look more natural.

With this in mind, the most qualified individual to help you decide on which specific type of dental veneers will work best for your needs and personal preferences is your dentist in Waunakee, WI.

Extending The Life of Your Dental Veneers

Maintaining your veneers, whether they’re porcelain or composite resin, is the same process for caring for your natural teeth. You might, however, need to visit your dentist more regularly for checkups and professional cleanings and use certain products that have been specifically proven to safeguard your veneers and prolong their service life.

To Learn More About Dental Veneers, Give Us a Call

Dial (608) 849-4100 to reach Karls Family Dentistry in Waunakee, WI, and set up your consultation with Dr. Matthew Karls or Dr. Stanley Karls.

By Karls Family Dentistry
March 26, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Cosmetic Fillings  

Wondering how your dentist treats cavities?

You just found out that your toothache was due to a cavity. Luckily, by visiting our Waunakee, WI, family dentists Drs. Matthew and Stanley Karls every six months for checkups we were able to spot the problem before it got worse. Once we’ve treated the tooth it’s important to be able to restore the tooth both in functionality and appearance. This is where a dental filling comes in.

What is a cosmetic or dental filling?

After the dentist has removed the decayed enamel from your teeth we will need to fill these holes not just to restore strength and resilience back into the tooth but also to improve the way it looks. Fillings rebuild the tooth, and our Waunakee, WI, dentists do that by placing a tooth-colored filling over these areas of the tooth. Fillings are often made from composite resin, a tough material that’s easily moldable and shaped directly to the tooth.

What are the benefits of getting cosmetic fillings?

There are many benefits associated with this type of treatment. Some of them include,

Fast, efficient treatment

Placing the filling itself is a completely painless and non-invasive technique. The filling will also be placed right after the decay has been removed; therefore, your mouth will be numbed by local anesthesia during this process. In just a single appointment your decayed tooth will be restored.

Keeps your healthy teeth intact

By getting composite resin fillings, which bond directly to the tooth, we won’t have to remove more of the natural tooth in order to make room for the filling. This means less tooth preparation and enamel removal, which makes it a more conservative treatment.

They last a long time

As long as you care for your teeth properly there is no reason why your filling can last many years. Avoid bad habits such as using your teeth as tools or chewing fingernails, and you could have your cosmetic filling for at least a decade or more before it needs to be replaced.

Looks like real tooth enamel

Composite resin is the same color as tooth enamel, and what’s even better is that we can even choose the shade of resin we want to use to guarantee that it will blend right in with the tooth. You won’t notice your filling once it’s placed and neither will anyone else.

Are you looking for a dentist in the Waunakee, WI, area that can provide you with full-service dental care? If so, turn to the dental team at Karls Family Dentistry. We provide dentistry for the whole family. Schedule your next appointment by calling (608) 849-4100.

By Karls Family Dentistry
February 24, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Invisalign  

How Invisalign treatment from your dentists in Waunakee, WI, can straighten your smile

Do you want a straight smile? If so, there is a revolutionary new alternative to metal braces. It’s called Invisalign and it has become one of the most popular orthodontic choices to give you a straight smile. Drs. Matthew and Stanley Karls at Karls Family Dentistry in Waunakee, WI, offer Invisalign treatment to straighten your smile quickly and discreetly.

There are many reasons why Invisalign is so popular. One of the main reasons is how discreet the treatment is. Instead of braces, Invisalign uses clear plastic trays called aligners. These aligners are virtually invisible to people around you.

You receive your first set of aligners, which you wear for two weeks. Then you move on to a new set of aligners, which you wear for another two weeks. You keep progressing to a new set of aligners every two weeks until your treatment is complete. You will visit your dentist every few weeks to monitor your progress.

In addition to how discreet Invisalign is, the treatment offers many other benefits too. With Invisalign, you will enjoy:

  • Complete comfort, because the aligners are smooth plastic, with no sharp parts to irritate your soft tissue
  • Quick results, because Invisalign treatment is complete at nine to fifteen months
  • Healthy treatment, because you remove the aligners to brush and floss, so it’s easy to keep your smile healthy
  • Total convenience, because you can remove the aligners to eat the foods you love, without worrying about catching food in your orthodontic treatment

Invisalign aligners are beautiful, and they are strong too. The aligners can correct underbite, overbite, crossbite, and open bite. They can close up gaps between your teeth, correct tooth rotation, and correct tooth overlap, just like conventional braces.

You and your smile deserve to enjoy Invisalign, a discreet alternative to metal braces. To find out more about what Invisalign can do for you, call Drs. Matthew and Stanley Karls at Karls Family Dentistry in Waunakee, WI, today!

By Karls Family Dentistry
November 19, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Veneers  

Here at Karls Family Dentistry in Waunakee, WI, your dentists, Dr. Stanley Karls, Dr. Matthew Karls, and Dr. Sarah Karls offer a number of cosmetic services, including one of today's premier smile enhancements, porcelain veneers. Beautiful and permanent dental refurbishments that also strengthen tooth structure, read on to learn what this treatment can do for you!

Aesthetic dental issues

You have healthy teeth, but there are also some minor flaws that really bother you. A small gap, a slightly turned tooth, or a significant discoloration won't affect oral function, but they will likely make you feel self-conscious.

Fortunately, the dentists here at our Waunakee office offer a solution. Customized porcelain veneers, also known as dental laminates, cover annoying flaws, stains, mild crookedness, and more without extensive, lengthy procedures.

Made from fine ceramic, veneers are thin, tooth-colored and custom-shaped to disguise smile detractors such as:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Odd shape and length
  • Stains
  • Gaps
  • Minor crowding
  • Tooth rotations

The veneer process

Veneer placement involves taking oral impressions that allow the dental lab to sculpt your veneers in a completely accurate fashion. As a part of this initial process, Dr. Karls removes a thin portion of enamel from each tooth so that your smile can easily accommodate the laminates.

As you wait for your permanent veneers, you'll wear realistic temporaries. After a week or so, you will return to Karls Family Dentistry for a bonding of your permanent veneers.

After removing the temporary veneers, the dentist applies an etching solution and tooth-colored cement. Following this, he puts the veneers in place. A special light activates a chemical in the cement, strengthening the bond between the veneer and tooth surface. That completes the process, and you're ready to enjoy your new smile!

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