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Luis Suarez's Biting Scandal: Teeth Should Only Be Used for Chewing
By Dr. Matthew Karls
September 23, 2014
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Luis Suarez's Biting Scandal: Teeth Should Only Be Used for Chewing
Much of the nation knows about the mysterious Luis Suarez biting scandal from the FIFA World Cup 2014. We wanted to take a look at the situation from a dental perspective:
1.     Mouth guards should have been used.
2.     Teeth should only be used for chewing.
Dr. Matthew Karls wants Waunakee dental patients to know the facts about using their teeth for other tasks besides chewing—it can really take a toll on your teeth.
Protecting Our Teeth at all Times
According to ABC news, Luis Suarez stated that the “physical bite was a result in the collision” with the other player. If this were true, a mouthguard would have prevented this from happening. Sports players of all age, especially those with orthodontic work, should use a properly fitted mouthguard in any sporting event or any activity that may pose a risk of injury.
Teeth as a Tool
Believe it or not, many people use their teeth for other tasks rather than chewing. Some of them have found out the hard way that it was not the smartest decision. Listed below are some habits you might have done or do, as well as the outcome it has on your teeth.

    Crunching: Many people find crunching on ice to be refreshing, but it can actually cause teeth to fracture or result in microscopic cracks in the surface of the enamel. This could lead to bigger dental problems over time. Popcorn kernels can also put unnecessary stress on a tooth and cause fractures.
    Sipping: Sipping on soda throughout the day can promote tooth decay to occur. While it takes time to change a bad habit, try sipping sugary drinks through a straw to minimize the exposure to the teeth.
    Using Teeth as Tools: It’s odd to think of our teeth as tools, but to some patients, that’s exactly what they use them for. Some people use their teeth for: tearing open a bag of potato chips, uncapping a bottle of nail polish, pulling out a watch stem, straightening a bent fork, opening a bottle, or ripping a price tag off a piece of clothing. This can be rough on your teeth by causing the edge of a weakened tooth to chip off or possibly fracture. The only thing a patient should be using their teeth for is to break down food for digestion.

To learn more about mouthguards during physical activity, as well as keeping your teeth in the best shape as possible, contact our Waunakee dentistry office today at (608) 849-4100.